Some Things You Keep

Some Things You Keep is a poignant, heartfelt comedy that premiered at the


Poster from the first production at WJT

Winnipeg Jewish Theatre (WJT) in 2010. Originally commissioned by WJT, Some Things You Keep spoke to audiences of all ages and quickly became the best selling production of WJT’s season.

Some Things You Keep tells the story of Harry and Rebecca, an estranged father and daughter struggling to find common ground after the death of their wife and mother respectively. Under the guise of hand delivering an inherited family heirloom, Harry drives from New York to Winnipeg and they are forced to confront what remains unspoken between them. Soon they find themselves going around and around in the same old circles, realizing more and more that what always kept them together, what was always at the centre of things, was the woman they had in common, the woman that is no longer there. Ultimately, if they want to remain a family, they have to find a new way of relating to each other, while letting go of the past.


Press from the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre Production


Winnipeg Jewish Theatre – Winnipeg, MB – April 29-May 9, 2010

To read this play, please contact my agent. It is also available on for people with memberships.