The Secret Annex

T_1516_SegalCentre_TheSecretAnnex_slideshowAnne Frank has survived the war, and at age 25, she’s ready to start a new chapter in New York City. Eager to publish a memoir of her time in hiding, Anne is sure it will launch her career as a writer. But when the only inte
rested publisher demands drastic rewrites, Anne questions the meaning of her new life. Why did she survive, if not to share stories?


Scirroco Drama  – 2015

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Previews and Reviews from The Segal Centre production
Previews and Reviews from the RMTC production


The Segal Centre – Montreal, QC – Jan 31- Feb 21, 2016

Stratford Festival – Stratford, ON – September 12, 2015 (Reading)

Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre – Winnipeg, MB – Jan 30 – Feb 20, 2014

To read this play, please contact my agent. It is also available on for people with memberships.