The Cloud Factory

Welcome to Summerville, the home of America’s last functioning cloud factory! Since most of the cloud industry has moved to imports from Asia, the Summerville Cloud Factory has become something of a relic, much like the town itself, serving as a museum of the way America used to be. But when the only person who knows how to run the factory dies, the town must figure out what to do in order to survive. ¬†Following the story of a young woman named Mary, and featuring members of the whole town The Cloud Factory tells a story of searching for identity in a world that is forever changing.


Reviews for The Cloud Factory at the Capital Fringe (Washington DC)


Capitol Fringe – Washington, D.C. – July 2008

Winnipeg Fringe Festival – Winnipeg MB – July 2005

Saskatoon Fringe Festival – Saskatoon, SK – August 2005


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