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Globe and Mail

“Margaret Trudeau’s one-woman act Certain Woman of an Age is downright inspiring

“What she has to offer is hard-earned wisdom, a survivor’s tale…It’s everything we crave, and just what we need. Margaret Trudeau plugged in to reality, yet still herself. Downright inspiring. There isn’t a cringe-worthy moment in the entire 90 minutes.”

“…Kudos to playwright Alix Sobler, who is credited as co-writer, and director Kimberly Senior. The dramatic structure of the text is excellent.”

Montreal Gazette

“Just to be clear: Seinfeld, this show ain’t. Nor was it ever intended to be. Yes, there are moments of great whimsy here. There are also moments of staggering, painful emotion.”

“…This is essentially a compelling and powerful, warts and all, confessional in which Trudeau recounts her battle with the demons lurking in the recesses of her mind for much of her life. It’s a battle that will never be completely vanquished, but she remains positive. And if her goal in presenting this show is to de-stigmatize mental illness, she has succeeded.”

“…Trudeau, however, is a survivor, and her wish is that this show will instil those similarly afflicted with mental-health issues with hope. Her message, so well conveyed, is that there is no shame, and that just like physical ailments, there are antidotes to mental pain, too.

Humour is among those antidotes.”