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The Post Millennial

“She’s a remarkable woman with one hell of a story to tell.”

Chicago Tribune

“On an extraordinary night at Second City in Chicago, a fearless, vulnerable and determinedly transparent Margaret Trudeau took the stage to talk of affairs and mistakes, family and failures, rebellion and resistance, with her living children and their partners in the audience, sitting in ordinary seats along with regular Chicagoans (and a genial protective detail from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), some wearing jeans, most drinking beer and wine, all staring up at their mother, wondering what she was about to say next.

…a gripping, charming and intensely courageous night wherein Margaret Trudeau told her audience that her late-in-life “acceptance” of her bipolar diagnosis restored her will to live…

What she is doing here (as much a podcast as a show) seems healthy, somehow, and certainly as revealing as anything you might ever see of the sheer ordinariness of celebrity political families, none of whom can cheat death or avoid hurt or any of the other stuff that makes up our days. Many of those families have contained rebellious but constrained women, forced to play roles for which they were unsuited; most have gone quietly into the night and into the history books….Margaret Trudeau came up with her own story on Saturday night; it was a reclaiming of a narrative that had always been told by others, mostly by men in magazines.”

National Post

“Although the show’s clearest theme was an attempt to de-stigmatize mental illness with candour — it was presented as part of Second City’s Wellness Week — there was also a defiance running through it, a refusal to be defined by any of the men in her orbit; a “f— you,” as it were. A few heads in the audience, mainly female heads, mainly grey female heads, nodded when this theme was conveyed most acutely….

…she succeeded, with the help of co-writer Alix Sobler and director Kimberly Senior, in making moments from a lifetime of celebrity relatable to many in the crowd. As the applause faded and the audience made its way to the exits, a couple of younger women gushed that they had totally gotten it about the overspending. Nearby, an adorable older woman could be heard telling her companions how much she liked the show, sex drugs and all. “We all have stories.” Laughing, she admitted her own weren’t as wild. “But you know, she gets up, and she speaks, and I think she delivers it well.“


“It is as unfair to Margaret Trudeau as it is inevitable to frame her as the wife of one Canadian prime minister and the mother of another. But, look, I’m just going to start out by telling you that the current Prime Minister’s mom led an audience at Chicago’s The Second City in chanting “F–K YOU!” on Thursday night, and it was entirely charming and everyone there seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and feel that this was something they all really needed.”