PRESS FOR THE GLASS PIANO (The Coronet Theater, 2019)

LondonTheatre 1 ★★★★

The Glass Piano addresses this idiosyncratic belief – along with the social mores that may influence it – like a piece of classical music written in sonata form: exposition, development and recapitulation.

The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★

“Sobler writes with a skilled hand, lacing the text with her dry humour yet still maintaining the element of fairy-tale. Beautifully crafted it touches on the absurd; occasionally jarring but always enchanting – like a piece of music that breaks the rules of harmony with unexpected notes.”

“A uniquely atmospheric production; whimsical yet real, dark yet high-spirited, ‘piano’ and ‘forte’ together.”

Unrestricted Theatre ★★★★

“This is a smart and empathetic psychological work, exposing the negative effects of loneliness and how one must be open to external forces to assist change; also, that change in itself is not easy and takes courage and a willingness to shift one’s own attitudes. In this, it works brilliantly.”