Sun Sentinel

“Whether you view “The Glass Piano” as a fable, a metaphor or a cautionary historical tale with contemporary resonance, the play is enchanting and bittersweet…

The Glass Piano is full of humor, beautiful imagery and sorrowful turns.

The layers of Sobler’s play, so insightfully and powerfully rendered by Stabile and company, make for an uncommonly rich theatergoing experience.”

Florida Theater On Stage

“The U.S. premiere of Alix Sobler’s delightfully fanciful and imaginative work is absolutely not a children’s play – although that vibe is intentionally woven throughout the production helmed by Matt Stabile and brought to life by a quartet who immerse themselves completely.

Sobler’s play densely layers metaphor upon metaphor reflecting more complex morals than the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen offered. Indeed, the play almost deserves a second viewing to completely suss them out…”

Palm Beach Arts Paper

“Sobler has spun a tale laden with daffy characters and thoughtful metaphors.

“The Glass Piano is every bit as odd as it sounds, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.”