PRESS FOR THE SHELTERED (Alliance/Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition – Alliance Theatre, 2018)

Arts Atlanta

“Sobler dives headfirst into a compelling and important historical moment, believably laying out the stresses faced by imperfect characters who decide to do a perfectly heroic and noble thing.”

“This look back into history at people stepping outside the bubble of comfortable, sheltered lives to take action in a political world grown suddenly hostile and ugly resonates with a sense of undeniable timeliness.”

Atlanta Intown Paper

“Alix Sobler’s play “Sheltered,” directed by Kimberly Senior, may well be the most finished, polished winner ever of the Alliance Theatre’s 14-year-old Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Competition. It runs through March 25, and I advise getting tickets now—first things first.”

“Sobler says, “I think the most effective way to ask larger, political questions is through character-driven stories”; and that is what she does—brilliantly. She leaves it to the audience to calibrate the current political climate in the U.S.”

“I shall say little about this act except it needs to be experienced, and is unforgettable.”

“For her 1st Place win in the Kendeda competition, the Alliance has given this talented playwright a launching pad that is stunning.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“A thoughtful and heartfelt balance in its compelling and haunting second act.”

“The drama truly culminates in an emotional, beautifully orchestrated sequence …pondering the personal obligations of being a good parent, the spiritual relevance of being a good Jew, and the basic decency of doing the right thing as a human being.”


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