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Thanks to all of you who tuned into the Passover Special on The 204 last weekend. The response has been amazing. Let’s hope there will be more radio where that came from! If you would like a copy of the show, please e-mail me. Otherwise I will be putting up segments in the next few weeks in my radio section.

In other news, I have started a new blog. Its called Corner Book Shop and it is about books! It will be updated periodically, as I read books. (Duh.) Its not really reviews, just reflections and thoughts on what I am reading. The first post is REALLY long, but don’t be deterred! Not only will the rest of them not be that long, its all about a fascinating read, so well worth the work.

Otherwise, you should also check out my wedding blog at A Feminist Wedding.

Next up, fringe play! I will keep you posted.

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