REMINDER: A reading of The Golem


This weekend there will be a reading of my play ‘The Golem” in New York. ‘The Golem” is a play about a group of actors living in the Warsaw Ghetto who get together to put on a play. Originally produced at Brown University in 2001, this play has really stuck with the original cast and crew, prompting its “resurrection”. If you are going to be in New York on May 31st, you should come check it out.

WHAT: A reading of “The Golem”

WHEN: May 31st, 2009 7pm

WHERE:  Shetler 1 (244 West 54th Street, 12th floor
between Broadway & 8th Avenue)

RSVP to the event on Facebook.

WHO: Ben Steinfeld: Sam

Emily Young: Malka

Megan Hart: Mitzi

Rebecca Hart: Anne

Michael Benjamin: David

Jorge Cordova: Jonathan

Harry Barandes: Isaac
Darius Pierce: Avram

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