Babe, then Babe no more

Since my DNTO piece about being a reformed babe on the “Quitting show”, (you can hear the podcast here) there has been much debate as to whether I am in fact, still a babe, was ever a babe, or was ever not a babe. So I submit these before and after pictures. You will see what I mean when I say I may be nice looking, but its not the “lifestyle” it used to be.



Notice that high school, pre-babe Alix wears shapeless baggy clothes, converse sneakers, and only took off her hat for this picture.





Hello? Babe much? Even the look in my eye is different. I have no idea how I dealt with all of that hair. And BTW, I am wearing a tube top…’nuff said.






No longer afraid to smile and risk laugh lines.

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