“Fractured fairy tale a mad, magical, must-see”

The review from the Winnipeg Free Press came out this morning, and nary a moment too soon! With only two shows left, both of them today (3:00pm and 7:30 pm) I am totally thrilled she liked it, that she got it, and that she is a good writer and reviewer, but couldn’t she have come to see it EARLIER IN THE WEEK?!

No, no, I am am grateful to Alison Mayes at the Free Press and the theatre gods in general. Read the whole review here. Below is an excerpt.

“Fairies — at least in British folklore — hunger for human babies to snatch and take to their underworld. That’s one of the reasons the magnificent ChurchillFest production of The Skriker provoked gasps of primal horror from a riveted audience…”

“There’s wonderful humour and social commentary in Churchill’s characterization of the vampire-like fairy. It’s no accident that it disguises itself as types that women find hard to resist, such as a needy little neighbour girl or a controlling, stalker-like boyfriend (Kevin Klassen in one of the show’s funniest, most sinister portrayals).

Enormous credit is due to fringe-fest veteran Alix Sobler, who directs the excellent cast with uncompromising vision and faith that the audience will “get it.”

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