Preview Articles for Some Things You Keep

Well, it’s opening night, and upon reflection, the Venti coffee this morning was probably not a great idea!

There were two preview articles about the show today, in the Winnipeg Free Press and The Uptown.  You can find the full articles on their site, but here are some highlights:

From the Free Press:

“This play I think explores our best and our worst when we are together,” says Sobler, who will no doubt add some authenticity to the role of Rebecca by playing her in the WJT season-ender.

“I obviously relate to this character. It’s not a massive stretch for me. It was a chance to be on stage saying a bunch of things I want to say.”

WJT artistic producer Michael Nathanson, who commissioned Some Things You Keep, is a fan of writing where a real-life incident spurs a dramatic exploration.

“Alix’s writing is very much like Alix is as a person,” Nathanson says. “It’s very charming, it’s funny and it’s smart. It’s got attitude in a good way.”

From the Uptown:

Sobler’s latest play, commissioned by WJT and making its world premiere there this week, is Some Things You Keep. It tells the story of Rebecca, a New Yorker transplanted to Winnipeg, and her father, who makes his first visit to see Rebecca, five years after the death of her mother. Sobler has more than a passing resemblance to Rebecca — and not just because she plays her in the two-person show. Some Things You Keep is definitely in keeping with her recent style of work.

“This play, I would say, although I have had plays where I actually get on stage and I play, literally, myself… this play is not directly me, but it’s probably my most personal piece,” she says. “There are liberties taken, poetic license, but the relationship is drawn directly from a relationship in my life, and that’s my relationship with my father.”

You can get tickets at the WJT site.

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