Free Press gives Some Things You Keep FOUR STARS!

Some Things You Keep got a great review from the Free Press this weekend. You can find the whole review on their website, but here are some highlights. NOTE: My dad has visited me once! And now he is coming in for the show!

In Alix Sobler’s sparkling new comedy Some Things You Keep, transplanted New Yorker Rebecca is still smarting about her father’s five-year-old reluctance to visit her new home in Winnipeg… A familiar face from many Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival productions, Sobler is impressive her character manoeuvres through the tricky emotional minefield that is her relationship with her father, played by out-of-towner Daniel Kash…Sobler’s first full-length play proves a keeper, successfully creating real people out of her odd couple with enough substance to cast long shadows alongside the jokes.

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