Winnipeg Jewish Review reviews Some Things You Keep

Another great review from the Winnipeg Jewish Review! I couldn’t be more excited at the response for this show. You can read the whole review on their site, but here are some excerpts.

The play…is a laugh out loud funny and profoundly incisive exploration of the deep-rooted expectations parents have of their adult children, and of how relationships change when a family member dies.

The two person cast of Sobler and Kash skilfully create a repartee that resembles a verbal jousting match.  They exchange a series of sharp, well-aimed jibes one moment and casually laugh and joke with each other the next….Kash, who appeared at Manitoba delivers a strong performance as the self-assured Harry and shows impeccable comic timing throughout the ninety minute performance.  The actors convincingly navigate an array of powerful and conflicting needs and emotions that, woven together, form the resilient fabric of filial relations.

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