A night of Jewish Humour at Aqua Books

Once again I will be joining other members of the tribe to share some “Jewish Humour” at Aqua books next week. Fellow Jewy theatre types Michael Nathanson and Daniel Thau Eleff will  be there as well. You can find all the details here, but you will have to show up to find out what I am reading…because I don’t know yet.

A Night of Jewish Humor at Aqua Books
Thursday, March 10/11 7pm

Here’s a question: do Jewish writers pigeonhole themselves by identifying that way? And do I automatically identify myself that way by agreeing to be a part of an evening of Jewish Humour? And what is “Jewish Humour”? Is it all about running the world bank and shit?


One thought on “A night of Jewish Humour at Aqua Books

  1. Well, as a black person, I’m aware that regardless of my talent, I’m viewed as black first, female second then everything else as irrelevent. My individual self is dismissed & anything I do is considered a result of my *blackness. I also think that your influences, especially if they happen to be Jewish, bleed into that.


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