Sheltered Preview article in the Washington Post

Erin Weaver, left, and Kimberly Gilbert in “Sheltered” at Theater J. (Teresa Castracane)

I had a great talk with Geoffrey Himes at the Post, that lead to this very thoughtful preview. Here’s a quote:

“What does it mean to do something good, especially when you take extreme action to do it?” Sobler asks over the phone from D.C.’s Theater J, where the show is getting its first full production since its 2018 premiere at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre. “At one point in the play, Evelyn says ‘This is not how I thought it would be.’ It’s one thing to have noble intentions, but it’s another to do the hard work required to carry it out. That’s interesting to me because the cost is always going to be massive. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do good, but we should be aware of the cost.”

Read the whole thing here.

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