Selected Praise for Alix Sobler and InTrouble Productions

“This woman is a swift, capable and, most of all, sincere story writer.”
– DC Theatre Scene (The Cloud Factory)

“The talented Alix Sobler gives us a funny, sweet, and carefully crafted work…Sobler’s acting is effortless and engaging.”
– The Uptown Winnipeg, (Jason Neufeld is Impotent)

“Sobler’s writing displays experience, understanding and above all, wisdom.”
-The Winnipeg Sun (Jason Neufeld is Impotent)

“New Yorker turned Winnipegger Alix Sobler is a fringe veteran, and it shows in her near flawless, bittersweet one woman comedy…”
– Jill Wilson, The Winnipeg Free Press (The Cloud Factory)

“The playwright exhibits breathtaking clarity and nuance…”
– The Uptown Winnipeg (The Cloud Factory)

“It’s one of the best scripts on the Fringe in the last couple of years.”
-Joanne Paulson, Saskatoon Star Phoenix (The Cloud Factory)

“She’s so gosh-darned funny.”
–SEE Edmonton (America vs. Canada)

“We fall in love with her…Sobler succeeds on charm, energy and wit. There’s a serious, developing playwright here.”
– Alan Kellogg, The Edmonton Journal (Flavor of the Week)

“Sobler is a treat to watch and her rapid-fire dialogue will astound you.”
CBC Winnipeg (Flavor of the Week)

“Sobler’s writing and performance are as measured and thoughtful as they are snortingly funny.”
Eye Weekly Toronto (Flavor of the Week)

“Her biggest skill is being able to underline delicious ironies and contradictions in everyday life with endless wit, without succumbing to bitterness, and a gift of being able to stitch pop-culture-rich references into a deeper whole with nary a literary strain.”
See Magazine (Flavor of the Week)

“Sobler’s script overflows with wit, and her Gatling gun delivery has to be heard to be believed.”
Winnipeg Free Press (Flavor of the Week)

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