A reading of “The Golem”

I am very excited that my play The Golem will be presented by MTC as a part of this year’s Carol Shields Festival of New Works (put on by PTE).

It will be read on September 25th at 3pm at the MTC Warehouse. You can find all the info at the PTE Website.

Here is a description of the play in its current form:

The Golem follows the struggles of a Jewish theatre troupe in Warsaw in 1942, and their attempts to produce the classic Yiddish play about a powerful defender made of clay.  The director has trouble finding a strong enough actor among his emaciated colleagues, and finally casts a well-fed member of the hated Jewish Ghetto Police, whose presence in the rehearsal hall incites fear and suspicion among the other actors.

This play was produced when I was in University with my friend John Krasinski in one of the lead roles! It also had a reading last summer in NY. I am very excited to work on this script once again as I think it has loads of potential. If you are in Winnipeg, I hope to see you there.

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