Final Weekend – She’s Not There @ Brown/Trinity Playwright’s Rep

What an awesome ride it has been! She’s Not There, my new comedy closes this weekend and I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on this remarkable summer.

The experience of working on a new play is often a stressful one. Not to offend my friends who are mothers, but in some microcosmic way, it’s like giving birth. You gestate for months and months, and then there is this furious rush to get it done. It’s painful and glorious and frightening and in the end you have this new thing stumbling around, finding its feet, engaging with others and seeing the world. Ok, so maybe its more like giving birth to a horse.

Anyway, now that the obligatory artist cliche’s are covered, I have to say this has ben one of the most positive theatre experiences I have ever had in my life. Shana Gozansky my director, Rich, Leah and Barrie the actors, all the designers and staff, we just had a great time brining this sucker into the world. And though I hope it will go on to see more productions and  many stages in the future, I think it will always be Brown/Trinity Playwright’s Rep’s baby. Or baby horse. You know what I mean.

Back to Winnipeg in a week.

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