The Secret Annex at RMTC

Anne_FrankI am so pleased to announce that my new play, The Secret Annex, will have it’s world premier next winter at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre. It’s an incredible honour that RMTC has chosen to produce this play, not only because they are one the oldest and largest regionals in the country, but because the line-up for the 2013/2014 season is so remarkable. I am humbled to be programmed alongside Chekov, Ives, and Williams to name a few!

It is also particularly exciting that the play Hirsch by Alon Nashman and Paul Thompson will also be presented on the Warehouse stage in the same season. Annex is about a young Holocaust survivor named Anne Frank. It explores what she might have become had she survived the war. Hirsch is about a young Holocaust survivor named John Hirsch, who went on to found the Manitoba Theatre Centre and leave an unmistakable mark on Canadian and American theatre. There is a beautiful symmetry to programming both of these plays in the same season and on the same stage.

You can find out more about the incredible line-up and schedule here.

See you in the audience!

RMTC’S lineup for next season includes play about local theatre giant, two Pulitzer Prize combatants and a beloved Christmas tale
RMTC’s new season a mix of classic and contemporary

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